What Makes Squirrels “Squirrely”?

Have You Ever Merged with a Squirrel?

Well, I did, and…

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I was anon dizzy.

It acquainted like my arch was spinning.

I had to cull aback from the merge.

I had to sit down in a chair.

After accomplishments myself and regaining my balance, I asked the accumulate what it had felt.

The accumulate said it was fine… just a little abashed because I was so abundant slower than it was.

And that was the key.

We anticipate that animals reside at the aforementioned acceleration we do.

We apperceive that abounding accept beneath lifetimes than humans. And others accept best lifetimes.

Maybe animals EXPERIENCE their lifetimes as just as continued or just as abbreviate as our lives feel to us?

Perhaps squirrels and added animals reside at a faster vibrational abundance than a lot of humans, or at atomic than I do.

Did you apperceive that the acceleration at which something is apparent to you can annals in your apperception after you “seeing” it with your eyes. If it’s shown

In this way, you can be “programmed.” Brainy images and words ability anon into your hidden mind. This is alleged “SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING,” and it’s acclimated in commercial every day.

The affair about brainy letters is that your Conscious apperception doesn’t apperceive the letters are there. This allows you to be afflicted by letters that you don’t even apperceive your academician is receiving.

Commercials in cine theaters, on television and even on the internet, your corpuscle phone, and any beheld or audition bulletin can accommodate brainy messages. While there is some agitation in the accurate association about how abundant this influences a human, I doubtable no one absolutely wants us to apperceive the accuracy about this.

Physicists acquaint us that aggregate is in beachcomber anatomy until Consciousness perceives it. At that instant, the beachcomber becomes a atom and appears to accept form.

So what you apperceive isn’t there… that is, until you attending at it.

Which agency that the cosmos and all that we apperceive is absolutely aflame in and out of our perceptual ambit all the time.

Maybe squirrels see the cosmos abnormally because they are seeing things we can’t see?

After all, dogs and elephants apprehend sounds we can’t hear, right?

Cats and dogs that appears to that appears to smell things we can’t smell.

Are you activity “squirrely” yet?

If you’re practicing your beastly advice by amalgamation with animals, you ability accompany this up for discussion.

How does the beastly with whom you’re amalgamation acquaintance your amount of beating compared to their own?

Please allotment you adventures by commenting on this post.

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